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  • The Cake Maker

  • The Cake Maker, working from Hour Kitchen in Churchtown, Dublin, specialises in creating individual cakes for any occasion, personal or corporate, that deserves to be celebrated, however big or small. We also supply local businesses with traybakes such as Rocky Roads, Chocolate Biscuit Squares and Granola Bars.

  • I was a stay at home mum of 3 who loved to bake. As my children grew up and started out on their own career paths I turned my passion for baking from a hobby into a full time career. In 2012 I set up The Cake Maker, specialising in celebration cakes for all occasions. Having completed a course in Baking Breads and Cakes in DIT, Dublin, I went on to take courses in London at The Peggy Porschen Academy, Squires Kitchen International School and many more smaller workshops.

    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Collection & Delivery Available to
      Dublin Kildare Wicklow
      Delivery Cost: Priced on an individual basis
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