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  • Sugar & Bunting

  • Cakes, sweet treats and bespoke handmade party decor.

  • Sugar & Bunting is the brainchild of a baker and a designer with a passion for details and pretty things. We are the new kids in the cake and party decor scene and, as busy moms, we understand the need for style with a side of convenience when it comes to planning and throwing a memorable party. Make your party stand out with our bespoke party packs, cakes, and sweet treats! By choosing only the best ingredients and carefully selecting all the right elements, we strive to make your celebration extra special. Cakes and party packs made with ❤️, to create the sweetest of memories.

    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Collection & Delivery Available to
      Dublin Wicklow Kildare
      Delivery Cost: Between €10 - €60
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