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  • Ms. Cakes

  • Because every cake has a story to tell.

  • I made my very first birthday for my son when he was six years old. It was a Dublin Jersey and he thought he was the most special six year old in the world because he had a Dublin Jersey cake for his birthday. It wasn't a very good cake but he loved it. I have always loved looking through cake decorating magazines and thinking to myself " I would love to be able to do that". In 2013 I was turning 40 and I decided I wanted to do something different and fun so I signed up for a 10 week basic cake decorating class in my local community centre. I WAS HOOKED!! I started making cakes for friends and family and very soon started my own business. I now have a dedicated cake kitchen that I work from that is HSE registered and fully insured. I like to challenge myself with each cake that I make. So if you would like to inquire about a cake for your special occasion please email me at ms.cakeslb@gmail.com. The only limitation is your imagination!

    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Collection & Delivery Available to
      Dublin Offaly Wexford Wicklow Carlow Meath Kildare Westmeath
      Delivery Cost: Delivery of Wedding cakes and larger more fragile cakes starts at €25 but will vary depending on venue.
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