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  • Miss Molly's Bakehouse

  • Miss Mollys is an American style bakery based in Ballina Co Tipperary. Everything is handmade in my itsy bitsy kitchen with high quality ingredients.

  • My name isn't Molly as most people tend to assume, tho I do not mind being called Miss Molly. I've been called worse :) I am Anne, I am an American from California who has been living with my transplanted family in Ireland since 2008. We moved to Ballina in Tipperary in 2010 after living in Limerick for 2 years. Its a gorgeous place to live! My bakehouse is named after my godchild Molly Anne who is currently a lovely lil lady of ten! Miss Molly's is currently a one woman show. I do get help here and there but its mostly all me. I spend my days baking, thinking of baking, getting baking supplies, purchasing ingredients, answering emails, trying out new recipes, delivering cakes... When I am not doing any of those things I might be working part time-as a customer service rock star, mothering three strapping boys of my own or doing any other general womanly domestic goddessy things.....taking out trash...doing mountains of laundry...wiping boogers off the walls...unclogging toilets...all while wearing heels and my finest pearls of course... I've basically been baking since I was pretty young, I can remember a bunny cake I made when I was about 12, I would often pick cakes out of my mother's Betty Crocker cookbook and just make them for fun. I've always spoiled my friends with baked goods, let them pick a cheesecake on their birthdays and I would make it as a present, give baskets of cookies, brownies and other lovely creations as Christmas pressies. Was always bringing baked goodies into work which was something I continued when I started working in Ireland. I got such a mental reaction to the things I brought in I decided to start building an empire....

    • Limerick, Ireland
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