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  • Caroline Goulding Occasion Cake Design

  • I love creating contemporary, sharp and edgy designs while maintaining the elegance of the more classic styles. I enjoy variety and creating something a bit different, a cake that's not just a cake but also a centre-piece

  • Dublin, Ireland

About me

Hi, my name is Caroline and I’m a cake designer based in Ranelagh, Dublin. From as early as I can remember, I was baking. I loved to try new recipes; taste new flavours and combine unusual ingredients. It was with my Mum, Ada and Granny, Ivy, where my love of baking and all things sweet began. Through the years, recipes with added notes on stained and faded hand written recipe books were handed down, with newspaper clippings from the 60’s. I got to experience such teachings and memories on a daily basis and I am indebted to my Granny and Mum for these. Even though I graduated with a degree in Physiology and taught Science for almost 10 years, it was while travelling the southern Hemisphere, I felt the urge to return and enrol in Darina Allen’s 12 week diploma course at Ballymaloe Cookery School, Co. Cork. In 2008, as a Ballymaloe graduate, I began my new career as a pastry chef. I moved to London and worked in the highly prestigious restaurant, Clarkes of Kensington. I could see having studied science, it was the technicalities of dessert, pastry and cake making that promoted this move, but the creative edge only blossomed later. In 2011, I completed a Masters in Sugarcraft, Royal Icing and Sugar Flowers in Squires Kitchen and Cakes4Fun, London. I also trained with UK’s top cake designer, Peggy Porschen before setting up my own cake design business, ‘The Wedding Cake Boutique’ in 2013. The cakes have proved to be a huge hit, and it wasn’t long before the business grew and former clients were returning for other occasion cakes. In 2016, I established ‘Caroline Goulding Cake Design’ and have designed a collection of occasion cakes.