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  • Cakes by Deborah

  • "Making the edible incredible!"

  • “From the tingling anticipation, to the joy you feel, to the warm smiles on the faces of friends and family, and from the elegant venue to the stunning cake; chances are you have a wonderful vision of your perfect wedding day… I understand that these details matter, and I’m proud to be a part of it all” Hi and welcome to the award winning Cakes by Deborah. With a passion for creating bespoke,showstopping cakes that not only look fabulous but taste divine, taking inspiration from your chosen style to create a design that's perfect for you! 2018 Mrs2be.ie Brides choice wedding cake designer of the year and finalist again in 2019 Regional winner of wedding cake designer of the year 2018 at the Irish wedding awards and finalist again in 2019 Winner of The Brides of Limerick wedding cake designer of the year 2017 and 2018

    • Limerick, Ireland
    • Collection & Delivery Available to
      Cork Carlow Galway Kerry Limerick Tipperary Waterford Kildare Clare Laois
      Delivery Cost: Varying